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Dr. Raghbir Singh Basi is a former Provost and Emeritus Glenn and Eva Old Professor of International Understanding, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage, Alaska. He taught at New York University and at Kent State University from 1960 to 1978, where he also held various administrative Positions, including Founder/Director of the Center for Peaceful Change and President of the World Affairs Council. He also served in 1963 as Consultant to the Planning Commission of India and from 1967 to 1970 as Senior Economic Advisor to the Government of Saudi Arabia. In 1978 he joined Alaska Pacific University as Executive Dean and later became Provost.  While there he hosted in 1984 a world-class conference on large projects during which he drafted the Anchorage Declaration to launch Mitsubishi’s visionary chairman Masaki Nakajima’s Global Infrastructure Fund of Tokyo, Japan. He also served as MD of the Anchorage World Trade Centre and as President of the Board of Directors of Chugach Electric Corporation.
Dr. Basi was educated at Punjab University in India, University of British Columbia, Canada, and Harward and Cornell Universities, USA. His latest book is Contextual Management: A Global Perspective published in New York. He also translated Prof. Mohan Singh’s Punjabi poetry into English Ambient Leaves published in Washington and Jalandhar in 2005.

Dr. Raghbir Singh Basi


Village Life Improvement Foundation (VLIF)

Our Mission

The Village Life Improvement Foundation (VLIF) is dedicated to improve the living conditions in the villages of Punjab and to provide skill opportunity to become self reliant. It is widely recognised that in the present day processes of development, people in rural areas are being “left behind”. Village Life Improvement Foundation helps directly and visibly those villages who want to help themselves to start a bottom up process of modernisation. Our focus is on integrated development of basic infrastructure facilities such as – Clean drinking water, modern sanitation facilities, appropriate training, education and a clean environment – so people can live healthy and productive lives. Village Life Improvement Foundation was started in 2002 by Dr. Raghbir S Basi in conjunction with Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) abroad and Residents of India to initiate integrated sustainable development of village communities.

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